More than two dozen current and former residents of 3003 Van Ness Street, an Equity Residential building, plan to file a joint tenant petition against the company for charging rent increases above the legal percentage allowed under DC law. They plan to recover the amount that the have overpaid.

Tenants of other rent-stabilized buildings that have been hurt by the "concession" scam can individually or jointly file tenant petitions against the owner of those buildings. The Rental Housing Commission's strong decision in Gabriel Fineman v. Equity Residential makes it clear that increasing rents based on extremely high, fictional amounts is a violation of DC law. 

Residents of 3003 Van Ness who would like to join the joint tenant petition against Equity Residential can send an email to for more information.

Residents of other buildings can file an individual tenant petition by filling out this blank form by the DC Office of Administrative Hearings and by following these instructions.

We soon plan to add a pre-written template for a tenant petition so residents can easily file against landlords that are violating the DC rent stabilization law using the "concession" scam.