The rent "concession" scheme could be dealt a severe blow if policymakers were to take a few quick and easy steps. Here are our recommendations for the City Hall:

  1. The mayor or city council members should complain to the landlords on behalf of their constituents.
  2. City officials should hold a press conference exposing the rent "concessions" scam.
  3. The mayor should order the Rental Accommodations Division to submit a report on rent filings by landlords that appear to vastly exceed market prices.
  4. The mayor should order city officials to immediately fix the misleading rent increase form.
  5. The city council should pass simple legislation affirming that the word "rent" in the law means exactly what most people believe it to mean -- the amount you pay for the right to live somewhere. By definition, the "rent" cannot be hundreds of dollars above what you actually pay.
  6. The Attorney General should bring strong enforcement action against landlords who use false advertising to lure prospective tenants.

These are important steps, but it starts with you. What can you do to help us fight the scam? Start by spreading the word to your neighbors and sharing your story with us.