How much should your annual adjustment actually be? We've got you covered!

This rental calculator will help you determine the maximum allowed amount that your landlord can increase your monthly rent in an annual adjustment, per the rent stabilization laws in the District.

To get started, type in the following information into the form below: (1) the date your lease expires; (2) the current monthly rent paid; (3) the new monthly rent demanded by your landlord; and (4) your age. This will automatically calculate the maximum allowed increase in monthly rent and the amount overcharged annually for reference.

  Effective date
  Current rent paid
  New rent demanded
  Tenant's age
  Maximum legal rent increase (%)
  Maximum legal rent increase ($)
  New maximum rent
  Rent increase demanded (%)
  Rent increase demanded ($)
  New rent demanded
  Overcharge per month
  Overcharge per year