Letter to CM Anita Bonds strongly urges her to drop anti-tenant legislation

Harry Gural, President of the Van Ness South Tenants Association and creator of Fair Rent DC, today released a letter to Councilmember Anita Bonds, strongly urging her not to introduce her draft bill legalizing rent "concession" leases that also attempts to regulate them.

In the letter, Gural argues that the Bonds' bill will not adequately regulate "concession" leases and that it will make rental housing in the city less affordable. He also states that the "concession" scam could be stopped by simpler legislation that would merely confirm that in existing law the term "rent" means the actual amount paid by a tenant.

This letter is the most recent in a series of letters and memos to Councilmember Bonds and her staff, pointing out the flaws in Bonds' draft legislation. Bonds has not offered a substantive response to these criticisms.