Fair Rent DC praises Attorney General Racine for taking legal action against Equity Residential

CONTACT: Harry Gural
PHONE: (202) 527-2280
DATE: 12/13/2017

Harry Gural, founder of Fair Rent DC and president of the Van Ness Tenants Association (VNSTA), applauded the announcement today by Attorney General Karl Racine that he has filed a lawsuit against Equity Residential and Smith Property Holdings, the manager and owner of the apartment buildings at 3003 Van Ness Apartments.

“The “concession” scam costs residents hundreds or thousands of dollars. It relies on false advertising and deliberate deception. Dozens of tenants have come to me for help. I’m just glad that the Attorney General is moving forcefully to help stop it.”

For more information about how the rent “concession” scam works, see www.FairRentDC.org