Gabriel Fineman vs. Smith Property Holdings LP

Gabe Fineman, a former tenant of the apartments at 3003 Van Ness Street NW that are owned and operated by Equity Residential and its affiliated companies, files a Tenant Petition in the DC Office of Administrative Hearings. Fineman alleges that the company falsified rent filings with the city. These false filings are the basis for “concession” leases, which some large housing providers use to circumvent the rent stabilization provisions of the DC rental housing laws.

Fineman loses his tenant petition in the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). He then appeals to the Rental Housing Commission, which reverses the OAH ruling in an exceptionally deep and well-written opinion.

Fineman’s work results in Equity Residential changes its rental practices, resetting rents to the actual amount paid by tenants. This should result in forcing Equity to request rent increases that do not exceed the legal percentage (2% plus CPI).

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